Voghera is a privately-held company specializing in alternative investment management.


Voghera Companies (“Voghera”) consists of a carefully selected group of entities that invest in public and private markets with a focus on absolute returns.

Investment Strategy
"Voghera targets high-quality investment opportunities with outsized return potential in overlooked market segments"

Investment Strategy

Voghera pursues lower to moderate risk investment opportunities with a long-term investment horizon. The group’s entrepreneurial and innovative strategy allows for creativity in the way investments are structured. Every opportunity reviewed in the group’s proprietary deal-flow is unique by nature, hence the need to create a custom approach to each transaction.

Risk Management

We evaluate each investment opportunity through a methodology that ensures minimum risk along with an appropriate ROI according to our investment standards. We limit our investments to opportunities that meet or exceed our strict risk and reward criteria.

We believe responsible investments should be a priority, that is why we have an investing strategy that takes ESG policies into consideration.

Asset Management

Asset Management

A deep understanding of risk and reward by way of conducting thorough due diligence coupled with the benefits of direct ownership is essential to maximizing value. By employing strict ROI and NPV metrics, Voghera is an established asset manager with a track record of consistently generating outsized investment returns.


Current Investments

Arkoma International
Arkoma Resilient Logo
Mammoth Minerals
Alessa Investments
RHINO NON-OP Investments
Casa Voghera


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